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Bird Free Fire Gel - FAQs about the gel, how and why it works plus case studies



Although relatively new to the UK, Bird Free Fire Gel has been available abroad since its launch circa 2007 and it is already in widespread use by governments and major companies in many parts of the world.

It has consistently proven effective at getting rid of problem birds, even where used in the most hostile environments, and there are many case studies which show that the product is still effective up to 4 years after installation!

We hope you'll find the answers to our customers most frequently asked questions as shown below, helpful, but please don't hesitate to call us if you need any more help or information;

Frequently Asked Questions;                                    

Is Bird Free Fire Gel Safe?

The UK Health & Safety Executive has granted Bird Free a "Derogation" (exemption) under the EC Biocidal Products Directive on the basis that its active ingredients are recognised as foods consumed by humans.

Where can I use Bird Free?

you can use it almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors, but keep the product away from areas where children could reach it (see the installation guide for more information)

Is Bird Free weatherproof?

Yes - it has weathered severe climates and the most extreme weather conditions in Korea (where the product was developed) and Japan, where it is still actively working up to 4 years after it's installation - see Case Studies for more information.

How does it differ from other Bird Gels?

Vastly! - Bird free Fire Gel is an effective, "3 Way Repellent" that deters birds from the protected area by means of 3 sensory elements; Visual (birds see the "UV" light emanating from the product, which to them makes the gel look like Fire), Taste & Smell, and Touch (see Bird-Free-Intro for more details)

The alternative products include;

Bird Gel; a simple sticky gel that is applied directly to window ledges, etc. As it only tackles the birds "Touch Sense", It is not very effective (and is rather messy), and even the manufacturers recommend re-applying the gel every few months - a costly exercise!

Historically there was also a chemical based gel on the market, but as it caused injury to birds feet, it was eventually withdrawn from sale

How quickly will the birds be gone?

Based on thousands of installations worldwide, provided that the installation is carried out as per the manufacturers installation guide, birds disappear almost instantly, (see Case Studies - Car Parks for recent UK examples of instant results)

If the product won't burst into flame, why is it called Bird Free Fire Gel?

Humans simply see the gel as a yellow jelly like substance, but birds see the UV (Ultra Violet) light reflected from the product (harmless and invisible to the human eye), which to them looks like fire and therefore an area to avoid.

Note: "Bird Free Fire Gel" is nothing to do with and nothing like fire lighter Fire Gel which is a product specifically designed to help start barbeques, etc.

Will Bird Free Fire Gel harm birds or other animals?

No - the main deterrent for birds is the UV visual deterrent and they also find the taste and smell abhorrent.

Direct physical contact with the Gel by birds subsequently involves taste & smell senses as they preen, providing a deterrent to future contact (see; Installer Guide for more information on safety, etc)

Is Bird Free Fire Gel Cost Effective?

Yes - which is why there are already over 1,000 governments and large companies in Korea and Japan alone making extensive use of the product (see; Case Studies)

How long will Bird Free remain effective?

The manufacturers offer a 2 year guarantee where the product has been installed as per the installation guide, but there are many installations where the the product is still keeping birds away over 4 years after it was installed (see; Case Studies)

Is Bird Free suitable for DIY installation, or must it be professionally installed?

Bird Free is suitable for DIY or Professional use. The key to a successful installation, is to follow the simple steps set out in the Installer Guide. Some simple safety precautions such as use of eye protection, suitable dust mask, etc. as set out in the Installer Guide are recommended for any type of installer - DIY or Professional.

Where can I buy Bird Free Fire Gel?

In the UK, Bird Free Fire Gel is stocked by and available for next day delivery from Insight Security

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