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About us

For over 30 years, Insight Security has been delivering "Best Value Security Solutions" and Practical, No Nonsense Free Advice to customers from the public sector and businesses of all sizes, to home owners looking for ways to protect their home, outhouses, gardens, possessions, valuables and much more - which is why so many of our customers come back to us for advice and a solution, each time they have a new security problem.

Roller Barrier

Roller Barrier TrademarkInsight Security Roller Barrier Double Row Installation  Insight Security Roller Barrier School Installation   

Manufactured by us here in the UK, our totally non-aggressive Roller Barrier anti-climb system, shown above, has become one of our flagship products, yet evolved from humble beginnings. Roller Barrier has quickly become the anti-climb system of choice for many organisations from hospitals and secure medical facilities, to schools, prisons & young offender institutions, local authorities and USA correctional centres, among many others.

Enhanced and subjected to continuous development from the initial concept, Roller Barrier is now a state-of-the-art safety and security solution installed in countries around the globe, from Canada and the USA in the northern hemisphere, to Australia and New Zealand in southern latitudes.

At the request of specialist entities within the MOJ (Ministry of Justice), a range of bespoke Roller Barrier solutions has been developed specifically for the Prison Service and have been widely implemented at prisons throughout the UK. Many of these specialist products have also been supplied to Psychiatric Hospitals, Young Offender Institutes, and other organisations and companies in the USA, Canada and Australia.

 Insight Security Company Growth Graph   

Insight Security - History & Growth  

Formed in 1990 by our Managing Director Ivor Blatchford, Insight Security was originally located in the UK seaside town of Saltdean, however the company quickly outgrew its office space so moved in 1993 to our existing site on the highly reputable Cliffe Industrial Estate in Lewes, East Sussex (UK).

Originally established to deliver anti-theft solutions for the growing PC market, early success came from winning a major tender with Barclays Bank, to lock down all of their PCs, Printers and ancillary equipment throughout their branch network, to protect it against theft. Based on the success of the installation of thousands of our in-house developed specialist security products, the contract was extended without going to retender at the end of the initial two-year term.

As the company reputation for delivering Best Value Security Solutions grew via peer to peer group recommendation, Insight Security rapidly became the Computer Security Supplier of Choice for many other businesses and organisations throughout the Private and Public Sectors.

Whilst delivering computer protection into many different departments within organisations, Insight was frequently asked if we could provide other types of security solution. This led to our careful expansion into many new areas, where again and again we proved our ability to deliver practical, cost effective solutions, often involving a bespoke element and sometimes even new product development.

We are now extremely proud to offer a product portfolio of over 2000 Tried, Tested and Proven items ranging from High Security Padlocks and Chains to Anti-Climb Barriers and everything in between.

Ivor has pioneered a wide range of projects and his wealth of knowledge and experience gained from working in a wide variety of businesses and sectors has proven invaluable to the progress and continued success of Insight Security. He remains a key driving force behind the company development, but is now ably supported by a highly motivated and experienced sales and support team who share his "Customer First" philosophy.


Insight Security Editorial Policy image  

Website Editorial Policy

Facts not Hype represents the cornerstone of all materials produced by Insight Security under Ivor Blatchfords` strict editorial policy


The Blue Book Guide to Security

Insight Security - Blue Book Guide to Security


Insight Security is renowned for its practical, no-nonsense, impartial advice on things security, which for many years was encapsulated into the Insight Security - Blue Book Guide to Security. The Blue Book in fact became a standard reference point for; Police Crime Prevention Officers, Insurance Surveyors and Security Specialists among others, with some 30,000 copies of issue 3 alone being supplied by request, to Police Forces and Insurers throughout the UK.

Over recent years the hard copy Blue Book has been replaced by the Insight Security Website, which allows for a more dynamic updating environment, ensuring that new content can be published quickly. The website provides an on-line shop for hundreds of our Tried, Tested and Proven security and safety products, but also includes videos and a vast number of information pages covering a wide range of security topics (many of which are formatted to be instantly downloadable for easy offline reference).

All of our articles and content are created following careful research, to ensure accuracy, relevance and impartiality and are produced under Ivors rigorous scrutiny.

Whilst we have expertise and are a recognised authority in respect of a wide range of security and safety areas, we only produce content related to areas where we know that we can offer value and benefit to the reader, so you can be confident in the integrity of anything that we publish.

Insight Security Data Protection image 

Data Protection & Privacy

Having started his career in the IT industry, Ivor Blatchford was involved in developing the Draft Data Protection legislation back in the early 1980s, and has been a keen advocate of Data Protection ever since.

At Insight Security, we value the privacy and confidentiality of all of our customers, suppliers and other contacts and employ rigorous internal safeguards, being fully compliant with all legislative Data Protection requirements (including the most recent GDPR requirements), to ensure the safety of any data held.

We will never share your data with any third party, unless implicitly needed to fulfil our service to you (i.e. providing delivery details to our couriers, etc.), or in exceptional circumstances should we be required to do so by law.


Insight Security Customer First Logo 

Customer First is our Company Ethos

Whilst many companies pay lip service to the "Customer First" concept, at Insight Security, it is a deep-rooted philosophy which permeates all aspects of our business, including of course customer service and is one embraced by all members of our team.

From your initial contact with Insight Security, you can be sure of receiving excellent service as well as invaluable help and advice. Our impartial advice is based on our wealth of expertise and experience and whilst it is offered Free of Charge, it is often invaluable to our customers – in fact we can say with confidence that since the company was formed, we have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of pounds, which would otherwise have been spent on non-solutions, or sub-standard or irrelevant security products.

Our focus is always on delivering the Best Value Solution to each individual customer rather than simply selling as much product as we can! - which is why customers come back to us each time they encounter a new security issue.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a complete novice in the area of security, you can be sure that our experts will be happy to discuss your needs and help guide you through the security maze, working with you to help identify a practical, cost effective solution for your current problem.

You can also be sure that if we can`t help you because you need something outside of our area of direct expertise, we will be honest and tell you so, and if possible, point you toward a company or information source where you may be able to get help.

Because we value our customers highly and are confident in our Tried, Tested and Trusted products, we are pleased to offer our No Quibble Money Back Guarantee on products purchased from us and you will also find that our team will be as happy to talk to you and help, after any sale as they were before you made your purchase.


Insight Security Product Development Logo 

Product Development, Testing and Performance

In addition to selling high quality, third party products at realistic prices, we are pleased to offer a number of in-house developed products and are also happy to develop and deliver customised bespoke solutions which often amalgamate a mix of products into a single, practical and effective solution for a customer.

Whether you are looking for an off the shelf, or a bespoke solution however, you can be sure that all individual components have met our rigorous selection or development criteria. In fact, all products in our portfolio are subject to a careful evaluation process before being added to our range. Performance, usability and cost effectiveness are just some of the criteria we measure – and we sure have broken or scrapped a whole lot of poor-quality products along the way, which have simply not made the grade!

Since our company formation, working closely with Insurers, the Police and the Loss Prevention Council among others, we have developed many products and components to meet specialist or emerging demands. Sometimes this has occurred as a result of spotting or predicting a new need or opportunity, whilst other developments have been undertaken whilst working with an individual client who has approached us with an idea or specific need. 

Insight Security Memberships Logo 

Memberships & Achievements

In addition to our M.D.s personal professional memberships and advisory roles on or to various publications, panels and organisations, Insight Security is a registered member of

Constructionline Logo  Constructionline website

Sussex Chamber of Commerce Logo  Sussex Chamber of Commerce website

FSB Logo  FSB website

and is committed to delivering dynamic, professional advice and the distribution of practical, effective and value for money solutions.

Whilst not an easy thing to obtain, we are extremely proud to have achieved accredited member status with Constructionline, proof that our internal policies and procedures are worthy of such recognition.

We are also proud members of our local Chamber of Commerce – Sussex CC, where we have built numerous relationships with fellow members and enjoy being able to support local businesses wherever we can. Attending regular Chamber of Commerce meetings helps to keep us fully up to date with current business affairs not only here in the UK, but also much further afield.

Over recent years we have worked hard in responding to many tendering opportunities, a number of which we have won. The fact that we have been awarded contract extensions (without being required to retender), based purely on the impeccable service delivered to our clients is testimony in itself. Insight Security is now well placed to respond to future tenders and we anticipate that winning more contracts will aid the further expansion of our business.

Toward the end of 2018 we saw one of our biggest recent challenges – Our Managing Director and one of the sales team embarked on a 9000 mile journey to meet with our Roller Barrier distributor in Australia, proving just how seriously we take our product and support for our distributors.

Following our two week visit, travelling extensively within Australia, meeting with various clients and associates of our distributor, while also delivering product training courses, we were delighted by the demonstrable enthusiasm for the product and the professionalism of our distributor and associates. We look forward to working closely with them and helping them to develop and grow their business.

This project was a team effort and one that everybody involved in is proud to have been part of – from impeccable planning on flight times and hotel stays, to the challenges faced in getting last minute deliveries through customs – to the production of literature and presentations – a great effort from all with yet another success story to add our collection.

With overseas sales and support now spanning 5 continents, within the UK, we have also earned the trust of and secured significant ongoing supply contracts with many central purchasing organisations and distribution companies.

We also supply advice and security products / solutions, directly to contractors and end users via; our website, by phone, or by appointment, through our Lewes based office and warehouse facility.


Here are just a few of the benefits you can rely on when dealing with us...


Taking the hassle out of finding the Best Solution for You

While many of our customers face similar problems, it`s often our specialist knowledge and practical, no nonsense advice that helps them to quickly find just the right solution for their needs.

Honest Advice - Saving You Money

Of course we`re in business to make a profit (why else would a business exist?), but we never let that get in the way of giving our customers our best advice ...even if that is sometimes not what they want to hear!

Curiously, a couple of our best long-term corporate customers, evolved from ignoring our advice and learning the hard way that the product we could not recommend and would not source for them, really did not solve their problem – although it did cost them a lot of money to rectify the problems it actually caused when sourced through a less aware or less honest company!

We will never try to sell you a product that is unnecessary or one that we don`t believe will be effective for you, but we are always happy to offer Free Advice where we think it will help.

For instance, how many people think of their wheelie bins being used as getaway transport following a burglary at home?

The answer is probably Not Many!, but this is just one simple example of a current problem, and the sort of thing we try to make people aware of when we are speaking to them, or via one of the many blogs written by our MD Ivor Blatchford

Delivering Best Value Products

The fact that Insight Security is still around while many competitors have come and gone, is itself testimony to our commitment to delivering products that represent good value and importantly, do what they claim.

"No Quibble" Money Back Guarantee

Our rigorous product selection criteria and testing, is your guarantee of quality ...and it`s also why we can proudly offer our famous "No Quibble" Money Back Guarantee on products you purchase from us directly.

We offer all of our products with our renowned "Tried, Tested and Trusted" stamp, so you can rest assured they have been through rigorous testing to be worthy of a place in our product portfolio.

Top Quality Service & Support You can Trust

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional Customer Service and always try to exceed our customer`s expectations, so you can be sure that we`ll be just as interested in helping you after you buy from us, as we were before you did.

We have a team of specialists who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, so;

Site visits – most things can be dealt with without the need for a site visit, but if it seems necessary, we will be happy to discuss arrangements with you. Where a site visit is arranged, we may send a specialist from our own team, or if more practical or cost effective from a geographical location point of view, may ask one of our trusted distributors to visit the site.

If you are based overseas and need a phone call.... no problem, leave us your number and email address, and we`ll arrange to call you at a mutually convenient time

Need your parcel(s) blind shipped to your clients.... You got it.... No problem!

We love to see a happy customer and as Insight Security is a trusted supplier, we are delighted that so many of our customers come back to us each time they have a new security requirement.


Thumbs Up Customer Feedback 

What do our Customers say about us?

In a recent survey (which covered; Product, Service and Overall Experience of dealing with Insight), we were delighted that over 76% of respondents rated us as Excellent (5 star) and over 21% as Very Good (4 Star), but we never rest on our laurels, so we`re working on the other 3% !!!


Here are just a few examples of unedited customer feedback as received by us

First class service, can`t do enough for you, friendly knowledgable staff who remember you as a returning customer

Chris took the time to understand my needs, even asked questions that I didn`t know needed answering! Exceptional service from a real person, something rarely seen these days. 100% recommended

Good service , price and customer care Thank you

I found the sales staff very helpful and friendly . The product was good

Very helpful on the phone, a very quick and efficient service

The items i ordered were well packed, they arrived in good time what more can you say. Excellent service

Ordered wall spikes , very reasonable price . Was told delivery in 1 to 3 days , delivered next day ! RESULT . Another thing i liked about Insight Security is being kept informed about progress of order right up until it was delivered . Nice doing business with you

very helpfull great to to buisness with 10 out of 10

Very quick shipment to Holland. Great contact and service from the backoffice

I was very pleased how Paul discussed the pros & cons of our situation and offered advice on the most appropriate solutions. I am more than happy to recommend them to others

Bird Free dishes were installed yesterday on a dormer roof where seagulls had nested last year (and we`d endured weeks of noise and being divebombed and the rest when the chicks, predictably, fell off the roof into the garden.) The deterrent effect was immediate! The gulls flew over a few times but veered away, and have even abandoned their lookout posts on the chimneys above the dormers. The peace and quiet is blissful! Highly recommended product, much cheaper than bird-spikes, very helpful advice
Sarah (customer 5 star review via Reviews.co.uk)


see more reviews at   https://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/insight-security/1


Signpost to Insight Security Future 

Insight Security – Into the Future

Building on our reputation for offering sound, impartial advice and delivering cracking, practical solutions at great prices, Insight will continue to grow through expanding the range of products in our portfolio and developing into new markets within the UK and overseas.

Our constant drive toward making things ever easier for our customers and improving their experience when dealing with us, means that we will continue to embrace new technologies as they become available.

Wherever possible, we will also offer our products through popular emerging platforms alongside the likes of Amazon and EBAY, which already offer some of our range.


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